Modern Office Incubator for Early Stage Atlanta Businesses and Start-ups

entrepreneur in a co-office location

New business ideas have flooded the market as technology advances at a rapid pace. Many of the ideas are commonplace, but some are really good. However, without venture capital funding, most startups are bootstrapping on a shoestring budget.

The days of having a fancy office are over, as many choose to work from a home office or Starbucks. This model is selling like hot cakes because many entrepreneurs do not want to waste their limited capital in paying large office rental fees. So a model that allowed these creatives a means to preserve capital, but still have access to the proper environment was necessary.  As the business market evolved, savvy commercial real estate owners answered these scrappy entrepreneurs dreams.

Now you see a trend of new real estate environments that cater to the early stage startups in the form of virtual offices or co-working spaces. As of very recently, co-working space has taken the real estate and leasing world by storm. There doesn’t seem to be a single pioneer or provider of this co-working office space solution, but many entrepreneurs are utilizing it and very pleased.

There are more than a dozen companies in the US alone systematizing and growing their office space locations in a region. Because this is a localized business, local familiarity and presence is a must and many of the companies have done well in one geographic region, but floundered in another.

The start-up boom has led to a boom in this market because many start-ups are not able to scale their operations to an extent that they will require a full-fledged office. The benefit of the co-office provider is also that they help find their customers other companies who would be willing to share working space with them What they have also done is made a low cost model for all customers.

The co-working environment offers an ancillary benefit of placing like-minded entrepreneurs all under one roof. This perk may potentially be a far greater advantage than intended or realized. It’s often noted that the fastest way to become successful is to hang out with others that are already experiencing success. Though most co-working environments are start-ups, corporations have joined in and realized the benefit of curating such environments and having the brightest minds within close reach. this enables larger corporations and easy in-roads to talent and new acquisitions if they see promise from a younger start-up.

start-up business virtual office

In cities that have bustling tech community, you are seeing an emergence of business and technology incubators. 22 Tech Park is North Atlanta’s tech Incubator offering technology entrepreneurs in Atlanta not only the facility, but also the community and access to mentorship. SunTrust and Comcast are two of the corporate sponsors responsible for contributing to this new business model.

22 Tech Park offers technology entrepreneurs a place to create, develop, network, and flourish. They said their mission is to provide early stage IT startups a working environment that is conducive to teamwork, flexibility, and execution. From a single person pod to a functional team area that grows as you grow.

The Start Ups that are included in 22 TechPark are a community of driven IT entrepreneurs. They are joined and connected by a passion to succeed and supporting each other along the way. This type of camaraderie and community will only improve their businesses and personal growth. This Atlanta co-office incubator offers its participants perks such as, Free Wifi, Free Parking, Snacks, and bi-monthly networking events.

As the business landscape changes and entrepreneurs needs evolve, expect to continue seeing new office products emerge.

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