The Technology and Social Media Revolution

We live in a technologically advanced and highly connected world. Formerly we had to plant ourselves on the couch and flip on the television at a designated hour to catch the latest news. Now entities such as Facebook and Twitter expose the latest and most popular stories almost as they’re occurring. This new reality is only possible due to the proliferation and democratization of technology.

Though it’s hard to ignore, few know how to leverage this revolutionary internet and social phenomenon. Some implications of this technological revolution and changes in consumer behaviors are explored below.

Consumer Benefits of the Flourishing Social Technology

Several years ago, you would distribute flyers and posters to promote an event or concert. Nowadays, smart phone capability and sharing on social media accounts largely influences which products and events we attend. With social platforms such as Snapchat or Instagram, businesses worldwide can promote, and consumers can get a glimpse of the product or experience in advance.

social media business promotion on instagram

We used to have to go to the mall and march from boutique to boutique in search of satisfying our material needs. Now there is Stitch Fix, which will shop for you and send apparel to your home based on your custom taste. Collegial relationships are also transforming as a result of social media. No longer is face-to-face interaction necessary to get to know a person. Photograph and status sharing has bridged the gap between personal and professional lives, creating a sense of closeness and commonality between professional colleagues.

Impact and Influence of Social Media on Our Consumption

Through all of these examples, it is clearly evident that social media is transforming our experience of commerce and society on a global scale. We are capable of “liking” a business page on Facebook and connecting with other like-minded people, no longer restricted by distance or geographical location. While scrolling through Instagram, we may catch sight of an outfit we fancy, or see a video of a training facility with diverse fitness classes we are interested in. Both of these instances create a direct and easy avenue for contacting the wearer of the beloved outfit or locating the desired fitness facility to try it out. Beyond that, Facebook and Amazon can offer recommendations based on your previous searches and purchases, further creating visibility to offered products.

Technology is Redefining Business and Commerce

Via social networking platforms, we are exposed to innumerable images and words, shaping our idea of what is preferable, and defining an ever-evolving norm. Businesses have enhanced visibility and exposure. Consumers can connect. User experience can be fully customized. In an ever fast-paced day and age, convenience and at-your-fingertips has developed a new meaning.


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