Business Opportunity in the Beauty and Wellness Industry

In today’s celebrity driven culture, the health and beauty industry is booming. The beauty industry generates more than $55 billion annually in the United States alone. The largest segment of the industry is hair care followed closely by skin care.

Beauty and wellness industry entrepreneur

After Jennifer Lopez popularized the idea of a curvy physique, health and fitness products became as popular as make up and fashion. Now add the ubiquitous Internet and social media phenomenon, and an entrepreneur with a passion about beauty or health and wellness has plenty of opportunity and endless earning potential.

Below are two flourishing beauty and wellness business opportunities poised to thrive the 21st century…

Become a Salon Owner or Manager

Numerous licensed beauty professionals and cosmetologists have opened the door to the next level of their career by either stepping into salon management or by opening their own salon or spa. Finding the right stylists and funding your salon are your major challenges. Beauty equipment and supplies are your biggest expense. Find an affordable vendor like Salon CA to help reduce furniture and equipment costs.

Beauty salon stylist cutting hair

You want to learn everything you can about launching a salon before jumping into it. Salon, spa or barbershop managers guide the direction of the business, maintain operations within the laws of the state, city and municipality, and just as important, make certain that all employees are properly certified, knowledgeable, and able to perform their jobs. Listen to these tips:

This career path offers opportunities in spas, beauty and skin care companies, hospitality management, and of course, hair and beauty salons. In order to run an accomplished beauty business, the manager is THE essential factor.

Become a Health and Wellness Coach

With a couple hundred dollars and a plan to continue furthering your education, becoming a health and wellness professional is a fantastic opportunity. A health blog is a good place to start learning more about opportunities in the industry. Once you decide a specialty, there are many organizations that provide certifications.

Yoga instructor meditation for better health

Specialization Increases Potential Income – Generic certifications may help you get into the business, but it is specializing in specific areas (Yoga, Pilates, Acupressure, etc.) that will increase revenue and career potential. The amount of time, money and talent needed to invest in specialization is greater than a simple certification.

Holistic wellness and health are two fields growing in popularity that have plenty of options that will suit your interest. Take a look into the day in the life of a health coach:

Become a Beauty Blogger

In today’s world, everyone with computer knowledge has a blog. Specializing that blog to feature beauty care products, tutorial videos, tips and product reviews could generate income from affiliates, advertisers and even Google AdSense.

So, educating women on beauty care news, cosmetics and breakthroughs is a business you can get into, and can be done from anywhere at anytime. Beauty blogging done with consistency and time, you will build an audience of readers and followers. Once you have a large enough following, income can be generated by promoting products as an affiliate or selling advertisement space to retailers. Check out this beauty blogger and see what’s involved:

Beauty and Wellness Stability

Job security is an important consideration as we move into a more competitive economy. However, the health and beauty industries indicate they will be very strong contenders of standing the test of time, and providing the peace of mind that they will be around as we move into the future.


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